Zishuo Zhao

Undergraduate, Yao Class 2020, IIIS, Tsinghua University

Computer Science / Applied Mathematics / Statistics


Welcome to my homepage!

Hi, I am here! I am currently studying computer science in Tsinghua University. In this class with all talented classmates around me, I am struggling through every difficulty and enjoying the life to improve myself and learn from peers from time to time.

Although I major in computer science, I will not be a geek and will put the innate affection for the world into my research career and everyday life. I enjoy diving into the depths of math and trying to render the digital canvas into a colorful world.

Through the way with pervasive challenges, I feel more than delighted for the time of growing up with friends and collegues, and will always cherish the innocent days we grow up day by day. In the future, I will get stronger and encourage myself to pursue for a bright tomorrow with all hopes coming true.

Take the time and make it count.

Once more, on the ride of the azure skyline;

Once more, through the everlasting sunshine.


Education [CV]


Dept. Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University

2015/08 - 2016/05


Yao Class, IIIS, Tsinghua University

2016/05 - 2020/06


Overall GPA: 3.64/4

GPA in last two years: 3.69/4

Major GPA: 3.76/4




Research Interest

I am always interested to do research in interdisciplinary fields of computer science, especially associated with mathematics. Now my research interest spans the fields of Computational Geometry/Topology, Computer Vision, Graphics, Robotics, Theoretical Machine Learning and Statistics.

I also have amateur interests in Cryptography, Computer Music and Random Graph Theory. Although I do not expect to do research in these areas, I feel them very enchanting. I will be pleased if you would like to discuss about relevant topics with me.




i [at] w.wiku30.xyz (guaranteed valid through >2023/10)

zishuoz2 [at] illinois.edu (expires in 2025/06)

https://www.github.com/wiku30 (permanent)


ORCID: 0000-0003-4247-7272



ClusterSLAM: A SLAM Backend for Simultaneous Rigid Body Clustering and Motion Estimation

Jiahui Huang, Sheng Yang, Zishuo Zhao, Yukun Lai, Shi-Min Hu.

Accepted for ICCV 2019. [Link]


Manuscripts in Submission

Noise-Stable Rigid Graphs for Euclidean Embedding

Zishuo Zhao.




Research Experience (Project details on my CV)


University of California, Berkeley

2019/08 - 2020/01

Research Intern on Autonomous Driving, advised by Prof Masayoshi Tomizuka.


Tsinghua University

2019/03 - 2019/06

Bachelor Thesis on Computational Geometry, advised by Prof Shi-Min Hu.

Graded: A(4.0/95+)


Tsinghua University, CG Lab

2018/09 - 2019/03

Undergraduate Researcher on Dynamic-Scene SLAM, advised by Prof Shi-Min Hu.


The University of Texas at Austin

2018/04 - 2018/08

Research Intern on Topological Reconstruction, advised by Prof Qixing Huang and Prof Chandrajit Bajaj.


Tsinghua University

2017/03 - 2017/06

Research Project on Computer Music, advised by Tan Lee.


Sogou Inc.


Internship on Data Analysis.


Competition Attended

The 20th Artificial Inteligence Programming Contest of Tsinghua University, ranked in the 15th place

2016/03 - 2016/05


My favorite c

Extracurricular Life

Beside math and computer sciences, I am also interested in music and visual arts since my childhood, and was good at writing essays & poems during high school times. I still maintain Photography, Singing and Writing as my main hobbies, and have developed new interests in Orienteering and Sketching during college years.

Under the well-known peer pressure in Tsinghua, I still believe the kaleidoscope of arts can bring inspirations to research, and enjoy the time spent with nice friends on the campus while gaining new aspects of life.

Additionally, I have a hobby on the deterministic-RPG puzzle game Tower of the Sorcerer since primary school, and also designed my own version.


Personal GPG Public Key(RSA-4096):

I have a GPG keypair for secure communication, which can be found here on gnupg.net, with the fingerprint:

BD41 48A0 8CFE FC41 1679 E74A FC44 6B90 77EA EF00

Additionally, for any critical document/information I may send you, you can ask me for a digital signature which can be checked by the public key before, for verification of authenticity.


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